Dautremer OOAK Blythe Custom doll


Dautremer was brought to the Forest of Beltheine by some elves who had traveled to visit some of their relatives who lived in a magical forest in the north of France. Theyve told me they spent some time in a hidden hamlet where only fairies lived in. The queen of fairies, Jeanne, asked the Beltheine elves to travel back home with a new born baby. Fairies wanted to hide the baby from one of the worst witches the world have ever heard of : Driada, the evil witch, who disliked the new born baby so much after the little one was too beautiful. Stars had send a message that the baby would be one of the happiest little ones ever. Fairies hid the baby for a while, but they werent sure that it would work out. So they asked the traveling elves to take Dautremer away with them. Before leaving the elves required the queen of fairies to explain the secret meaning of the baby name. The queen of fairies spoke quietly and told them Dautremer was an ancient french word which meant "from another sea". They had picked that name to confuse Driada, the witch. The fairies wanted Driada to think Dautremer would travel across the sea to live in a new world. Instead sending her across the ocean, the fairies who couldnt stop loving Dautremer, thought of sending her not that far. The elves might get her safe in the Forest of Beltheine. The fairies last wish was for the elves to find a mommy for Dautremer. Someone so caring that Dautremer wouldnt ever wonder about her magical origin so she wouldnt ever think of witches in the winter nights. And here she is... shes looking for a mommy who protects her and looks after her. All the fairies magic shines deep in Dautremer's eyes. Lucky will be whoever gets her in her arms and takes care of her forever.

Dautremer is for adoption in my shop Kassandra's Box on Etsy.com

If you want to know some more about her email me blytherapy2012@gmail.com and I will send you extra info on her!





Lauren was helping us to pick apples, we are ready to start making cider! This season we will try to make sweet cider, yum!! Its been a freezing afternoon but we didnt care, we got out for a stroll at sunset time. Lauren learned about blowing flowers and cider and we took lots of pics of her.
She didnt want to leave her lollipop at home, tsk tsk!

That pic shows Lauren and some of the apples we stored earlier. Theyre bit of sour but still tasty! Later in the evening we will get roasted chesnuts from Beltheine forest. Lauren will ask for spooky tales. Seems she hasnt had enough with Halloween night scary stories!


Lauren, my new baby

Let me introduce Lauren, shes my last custom OOAK Blythe doll.
Lauren is set for Auction on eBay at the moment.
This freckled girl is named Lauren after a friend of mine who is just as sweet as the Lauren you can see in the pics!
Lauren will travel to her new home with her custom carrier case with
red silk ribbons (I mean the doll not my friend!).
She has four custom eyechips, lilac, light blue, green and golden and
blue, black and silver. All of them make her look so cute and sweet
as you can see in the following pics.

Lauren was born in Beltheine, a magical forest in northern Spain. Thats why she wears boots and leg warmers. Its been snowing here lately! I got her a fluffy soft hat so she will always be warm and cozy.
Lauren is a very sensitive girl. She listen to all of us so carefully but she barely says anything. Bet she
will tell lots of stories about the place she was born to her new mommy. She already knows rain and fall storms. She got scared by hail a few days ago! Lauren didnt know much about weather because she
was just a new born baby. Im telling her lots of things about birds and trees.

She so loved how roasted chestnuts smelt and tasted like. We dont celebrate Halloween in Beltheine but an old celtic celebration called Samhain. Very very very old tradition! The Samhain night we all gather near the fireplace and eat roasted chestnuts and drink cider and most important we tell spooky stories on ghosts and spirits til we go to bed late at night. Lauren loved it! She was bundled up in a pink blanket while listening to all of our scary tales. Children loved it!
The one she liked the most was a story about a fairy who lives by the asturian rivers who is always combing her golden hairs and waiting for human beings to meet her and talk to her in the sunset.
Lauren loves children tales too, she already knows about Snow-white and Cinderella. She likes Tinkerbell lots!

Lauren loves bright colors too. She says she loves orange color after
autumn leaves. Thats why I picked a colorful wool coat for her travel
and bright orange stockings.
It was me who picked her pullrings colors, pink and lilac beads and
purple strings, two pink stars at the end of each string. They look
beautiful in her.

Lauren was originally a Takara Blythe Simply Vanilla, FBL mold. Her eyelashes were removed and
a new pair was set to make her look so pretty. Her hair has been cut and has lots of cute freckles on
her beautiful face. She loves me to comb her hair. Shes the sweetest child ever! Lauren often talks
about a dolly she wants me to get for her, she says she will call her "Sabrina".

                                Lauren wears an outfit by Kassandra's Box shop on Etsy.com
                                She loves her reindeer boots matching her hat. I told Lauren that
                                her aunt Linda will love her outfit!

                                Lauren is looking for a sweet mommy who looks after her,
                                and over all who tells her tales in the winter nights.
                                                                    Lauren <3

                                Lauren and me will post more pics of her within the next few
                                days. If you want to be up to date please visit us and check
                                on our new pictures!
                                Thank you for coming in and share some of your time with
                                Lauren and me.


Twiggy.. our winged angel about to fly.. where to?

I took this picture of her three days ago. There was a beautiful sunset outside so I got Twiggy out with me and got her lying down on a black felted table. I just let the sunbeams come through two glass hearts I put on near her. It turned out to be a nice pic of her.
She looks as sweet as she is.
Some days you just feel like not giving up your creations because you have grown a thing for them. When I look Twiggy in the eye is like looking at someone so very dear to me.
It makes you wonder if you want to let her go.
She was born with two white wings as though she was making an statement.. "Im going to fly soon". I guess she never was meant to stay.
She is so very dear to me.
Making a doll is not only about carving, making up or painting her eyechips, at least its not the only thing for me. Its like giving the doll some of your soul too. Maybe thats why is so hard to let them go.
Love you Twiggy-baby.
Visit her on my Flickr photostream:


Twiggy, our baby angel, is looking for a home

Twiggy is looking for the best mom who wants to adopt her
Twiggy is Luca's twin and counterpart. Twiggy is the angel twin and Luca is the lil devil twin. There's not such thing as good and bad for them. They both have been good for us. They made us to love them and its been a wonderful time getting them ready for their new homes and moms.
Twiggy is on eBay looking for her new home, you can visit her just follow the link:

Lost of details to care about... outfits from Kassandra's Box, wings to get fluffy, felted boxes to get ready, extra outfits as gifts for Twiggy, photo-sessions with two and three people taking pics... and so on.
We have posted pics of Twiggy on our Flickr photostream:

Twiggy has dark night blue eyelids. Little golden stars shinning all over and new wonderful eyelashes to make her gaze improve.
Two pullrings get her eyes open and closed, sleepy eyed too.
Her eyechips have beautiful colors.
All the sunlight seems to be kept inside her eyes and we would keep looking at her for hours non-stop.
Her gaze is so angelical and sweet.

Twiggy has three new pairs of eyechips painted by Kassandra. First pair is in golden and green, second one in lilac and silver and the last one in silver and light blue. Her fourth eyechips is one of the doll stock sets.
Her pullrings feature pink, amethyst and hot pink color beads

    Twiggy will travel with her wings because she didnt give them up. She looks so cute on them!
She comes with a white cotton and lace dress, white and lilac leg warmers and white and pink felty booties. All of them by Kassandra's Box from Etsy.
She will also travel with some extra clothes as a Kassandra's gift to Twiggy.
There's something else that twiggy loves tenderly... her pink butterfly. Its been with her since Kassandra started to customize Twiggy. Twiggy wouldnt like to part. An angel and a butterfly flying together...<3

An angel right above ^^

 Twiggy will travel in her felted wooden box. A special world of soft flowers, grass, sun, ladybugs and bees for her. So she wont ever forget she was born in Beltheine Forest... a magical place somewhere near the ocean.

Her lilac and silver eyes, the face of an angel.

Twiggy's Birth Certificate book says she loves reading fairy tales books for children, and dreaming of princes and princesses from lost kingdoms. She loves singing and humming, little white and pink flowers or cute poppies in the summer.
She's eager to learn everything about the world and about her new mom.
She has the soul of an angel beating inside her.

Our sweet Twiggy has brought good luck and smiles and happiness to our home. She made us feel as though we were hosting the most delicate guest ever. Twiggy is like a cute tiny flower, so soft and delicate. You only want to protect her and love her.

We love Twiggy so much. We know she will join a wonderful family who will love her as much as we all do and did.
Twiggy <3 you have stolen our heart
Song for our beloved Twiggy


Luca is now on Ebay looking for a new home

If you want to be her mom or if you just want to see her you can visit her on Ebay.
Luca will be for auction on Ebay for seven days.
We are crossing our fingers, Luca <3 is worth the best mom!



Luca is looking for a home

Luca <3
I finally finished her today. I didnt want to. I was feeling so confortable just thinking I might custom her forever. She deserves better! Today, when I saw her all dressed up and ready to model for me I felt like hugging her endlessly. My lil precious angel.

She got three pairs of custom eyechips made by me a few weeks back. Lilac, ice blue and green chippies. They brought life to her face! She got new soft long eyelashes and a special eyelids make-up in golden and black. It performs a "devilette tail" since shes been my lil devil since I met her. Got

I wanted her to have two custom pullrings with red and green beads.
Worked on her outfit for a few days. She had to wear a red dress and red stripped leg warmers, red  booties too.

First day I started carving her face I realized she had somehow a mischievous gaze. Made her a tiny slingshot that will travel with her wherever she goes to meet her mom. Its been her first toy!

Luca has a special box just for her own. Ive worked on a box that matched her. Ive felted a wooden box... You can see it in some of the pictures. The box front side is a starry night, and inside theres a country world in soft felt. A tree for Luca to climb up and hang on for hours, fields with colorful flowers and a big big sun. I want her to think of happy things when shes all boxed up! 

Luca is actually one of a kind child. Shes a "wild one". I dont think she likes school much, she so loves wandering around in the forest and asking me crazy questions non stop.

Luca will be on Ebay for auction later this week. I will post the day in here and in my Flickr Gallery as well.
It makes Luca and me bit of nervous. We so want to know who Luca's mom will be.

I will keep adding new pics of Luca in the next few days. There are some more to be seen in Flickr Kassandra's Box *Blytherapy* photostream.